Donald Trump Plagiarized a Speech From ‘Legally Blonde’ According to Jimmy Fallon

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t enjoy standing in front of a crowd. You can call it stage fright, performance anxiety or anything else. Going before loads of people and saying words is not fun for me, and I assume many others feel this way too. When it comes to making presentations or speeches, I’m not your girl. Not only do you have to summon the courage to face all those people, you also have to think of what to say to impress them! It’s a nightmare!

Perhaps Melania Trump shared this fear last year, and decided to take the easy way out. In July 2016, she headlined the opening night of the Republican National Convention during the presidential campaign which her husband went on to win. Her speech was well received, until some began to point out that parts of it sounded very familiar.

In fact, it became apparent that Michelle Obama had uttered many of the same words Melania did during her own well-received speech which she gave during the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Trump’s campaign staff were quick to dismiss these claims. Campaign chairman Paul Manafort insisted that there has been “no cribbing of Michelle Obama’s speech”, insisting that the passages allegedly plagiarized were  “words that are common words”. Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee’s chief strategist, echoed these sentiments, claiming that similar phrases from Mrs Trump’s speech could have been found in the My Little Pony stories.

“Melania Trump said, ‘the strength of your dreams and willingness to work for them.’ Twilight Sparkle from ‘My Little Pony’ said, ‘This is your dream. Anything you can do in your dreams, you can do now’.
“I mean if we want to take a bunch of phrases and run them through a Google and say, ‘Hey, who else has said them,’ I can do that in five minutes. And that’s what this is.”
In contrast, the campaign’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller who also worked as Trump’s speechwriter, had stated in an initial statement that Melania’s speech “reflected her own thinking” but included “fragments” of others’ speeches. The claim that the speech was written by Melania Trump’s “team”also contradicted statements made by the women who would eventually become the US first lady, claiming that she had written the speech herself. Either way, it was all a bit embarrassing but we soon forgot about that strange episode and moved on. However, Jimmy Fallon is taking us down memory lane by pointing out yet another possible instance of plagiarism in the Trump household.

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