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Donald Trump Confesses He Thought Being President Of The U.S. ‘Would Be Easier’

Quite what Donald Trump expected from his opening salvo in the White House is unclear, however it seems that the 45th President of the United States wasn’t anticipating the first few months of his administration to be quite as gruelling as they have proven to be.

Almost immediately, the former businessman found himself in scaldingly hot water after he signed an executive order intended to ban travel into the United States from several countries. That initial version of the travel ban was furiously protested across America and sparked scenes of chaos and confusion in airports before it was subsequently blocked in court.

That debacle has since been followed up by some ill-advised comments from members of his team, including Kellyanne Conway’s bizarre reference to a “Bowling Green massacre” that had not, in fact, taken place; as well as her urging of Trump supporters to go out and buy his daughter Ivanka’s clothing products in the wake of her designs being dropped by a major retailer.

Since then, allegations of the Trump campaign team’s potential links to Russian officials have refused to abate, and the administration has attempted to push through a second version of the previously failed travel ban to similarly ineffective ends; this time the migrant ban was blocked before it could be practically implemented.

The seemingly never-ending headache that has become the United States’ involvement on the Korean peninsula in trying to reign in the defiance of Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, is teetering on the edge of disaster as the bombastic militarised rhetoric that has done nothing to abate the rising tensions continues to permeate.

Now, in a wide-ranging interview with Reuters, Donald Trump has described his first 100 days in the White House, admitting that he “thought it would be easier” and saying that it was harder work than anything he had previously undertaken.

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