Dogs of the Westminster Dog Show Are Edited Out to Hilariously Focus on the Humans Leading Them

Westminster Dog Show Without Dogs

In the very funny Jimmy Kimmel Live segment “The Westminster Dog Show Without Dogs“, host Jimmy Kimmel, a self-described fan of the Westminster Dog Show, hilariously edited out all of the canines from the 2018 show in order focus on the movements of the humans leading them. This segment, like the dog show itself, has become an annual tradition.

The 142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show just took place and while we love the dogs, we are also amused by the humans who participate in this. We have an annual beloved tradition on the show where we edit out the dogs.’%20defer=’defer’ defer=’defer

Here’s the 2017 version.

Here’s some footage of Flick the Border Collie from the 142nd Annual Westminster Dog Show.

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