Dog Gently Forces an Indecisive Toddler to Sit Down

A beautiful Labradoodle named Khloe who lives in Okmulgee, Oklahoma with her family, decided to take action when an adorable toddler named Joslyn repeatedly swayed to and fro in front of her in an effort to tell the dog to sit. After complying with Joslyn’s request, Khloe then put her giant on top of the baby’s head and gently forced the little human to sit down as well. Joslyn was surprised by this turn of events and readily complained to her mother.

Our baby, Joslyn, had been trying to tell our Labradoodle Khloe to sit. When all of a sudden Khloe made her sit. Joslyn was very surprised by this and said ‘uh-oh.

Dog Makes Baby Sit Down

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