Ditto Makes His Way to 'Pokémon Go', but HAS HE BEEN HERE ALL ALONG?!

All you original 151 Pokémon completionists, rejoice! As of today, Pokémon Go, the somehow still-kicking mobile game that lets users catch pocket monsters out in the real world, features all of the original Pokémon. But that 100 percent mark may have been hit long ago without us even knowing. Was the lone Pokémon hold-out, the shape-shifting Ditto, hiding in plain sight from the beginning?

pokemon go ditto
This weird little blob may have pulled the wool over all our eyes. AND WHAT IF HE WAS ALSO THE WOOL?!

In the last day or so, Pokémon Go players have been catching arbitrary Pokémon like Rattatas or Zubats, only to find out they were Dittos in disguise. That means, if you want to catch the purple little guy, toss a Pokéball at any and all creatures you see. But it also means that, as of today, all the Pokémon you catch could be Ditto in disguise, so you should not sh*t-talk Ditto to any Pokémon.

In fact, maybe just stop sh*t-talking Ditto in general? I mean, what is there to talk about? His weird dot eyes? He was born that way, dude. Be sensitive.


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