Disney is pulling all of its movies from Netflix, and I wish I was kidding

If you enjoy drowning your sorrows in repeated viewings of Mulan or Hercules, then you’d better satisfy your Disney cravings while you can — because, pretty soon, Disney plans on pulling all of its content from Netflix.

Oh, yes. It’s true.

Why would Disney do such a thing, you ask? Well, to apparently create demand for their own future streaming service. As CNBC reports:

CEO Bob Iger told CNBC’s Julia Boorstin Disney had a “good relationship” with Netflix, but decided to exercise an option to move its content off the platform. Movies to be removed include Disney as well as Pixar’s titles, according to Iger. Netflix said Disney movies will be available through the end of 2018 on its platform. Marvel TV shows will remain.

Seriously?? Even Pixar movies aren’t going to be safe? What is the world of streaming coming to?

“This represents a big strategic shift for the company,” Iger told CNBC. “We felt that having control of a platform we’ve been very impressed with after buying 33 percent of it a year ago would give us control of our destiny.”

While it makes sense why Disney would want to jump on the possibility of launching its own streaming service (after all, it does sound pretty nice and convenient to have the entire catalogue of Disney entertainment at your fingertips), this reality would also mean yet another streaming service which would require monthly payments.

This news isn’t exactly stellar for Netflix, either: as soon as Disney made the announcement, Netflix stock dropped five percent.

Looks like we’ve only got a year to capitalize on our discounted Disney viewings — so we’d better make it count.

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