'Dinosaur Erotica' Is a Thing, and the Book Covers Are INSANE [17 Pics]

Amazon has some true crap for sale, but it also has a lot of real bright spots. For instance, if u r horny 4 dinosaurs, this website is the place for you. Here is some of the best dinosaur-based erotica available on Amazon:

Taken by the T-Rex

taken by the t-rex

Ravished by the Triceratops

ravished by the triceratops

Ghost Raptor Seduction

ghost raptor seduction

The Dinosaur’s Keeper

running from raptor book

Dinos Are a Girl’s Best Friend

dinos are a girl’s best friend

Space Raptor Butt Invasion

space raptor

Pimp Dino

pimp dino

(That cover art sure looks… familiar)

Taken by the Pterodactyl

taken by the pterodactyl

Dino Park After Dark

dino park after dark

Seized by the T-Rex

seized by the t-rex

Taming the Spinosaur

taken by the spinosaur

Running From the Raptor

running from the raptor

A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay

billionaire dinosaur forced me gay

Having The Dinosaur’s Baby: A Paranormal Incredibly Long Title

aving the dinosaur’s baby

Mating With The Raptor

mating with the raptor

Saber-Toothed Lover

saber toothed lover

Boned By The Baryonyx

boned by the baryonyx

Listen, if you go any buy one of these, no one hear will know or judge you. But at least review the book on our Twitter @Smosh!

Will Weldon
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