'Death Note' Netflix Movie Has a Trailer, Makes Me Glad I Don't Have the Power of Life and Death in My Hands

What would you do if you held the power of life and death in your hands? If I’m being honest, I would probably take out the guy who tried to talk to me at the gym today when we both finished running at the same time and the dispensers were out of paper towels. Like, I got it, the guy using these treadmills after us is gonna be grossed out, but we did what we could! Don’t whine to me about how bad you feel for this hypothetical next guy. And certainly don’t keep talking to me after I’ve politely nodded and turned away from you! Come on dude!

Anyhow, Death Note is about a guy who finds a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it and there’s a live-action movie coming to Netflix this August and here’s the new trailer:

So what do we think, Death Note fans? The big thing I noticed is that this trailer has the exact same color palette as the Netflix Marvel shows, which is… good? I guess a movie about a young boy killing people without remorse shouldn’t look like Pixar’s Up. But at the same time, is this just the Netflix aesthetic now? What if the fifth season of Arrested Development is nothing but bleak greys? How will I know it’s a comedy?

In any event, the Death Note movie will hit Netflix on August 25th. With Willem Dafoe voicing the franchise’s horrific demon monster Ryuk, this movie will either be sick as hell or so disappointing we’ll want to write the producers’ names in a notebook that will kill them (not that that’s a viable solution to your problems or anything but COME ON, you shouldn’t talk to people at the gym IN GENERAL, let alone when they put their headphones back in. I mean JESUS CHRIST dude).


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