Darth Vader Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

Vader Short Sleeve Shirt

Vader Short Sleeve Shirt

ThinkGeek is featuring a Darth Vader short sleeve button-up shirt that resembles the evil Sith Lord‘s iconic suit of cybernetic armor from Star Wars. It’s the perfect shirt to wear this summer while “chasing your kids around the galaxy.”

“Luke, I am your father!” Yeah, Dad, the short sleeve button-up of Vader was kind of a dead giveaway. Listen, can we talk about the whole “allowance” thing? You see, there are these power converters at Tosche Station that I’ve been trying to save up for…

Black 7-button short sleeve shirt features the iconic design of Darth Vader’s suit on the front. The print extends on both sides under the placket, so it will always line up (assuming you button it right). 100% cotton poplin with a plain back. Machine wash warm, inside out. Tumble dry medium. Imported.

Vader Short Sleeve Shirt

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