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Daily Bullsh*t All Tall People Deal With

Being taller than the average individual has its perks. People tend to listen to you, top shelf groceries are a breeze and usually you’re offered the best seat in a car. Not to mention, you’re probably a master at dodging umbrellas.

But tall people need more credit for dealing with pain in the ass situations shorter folks tend to take for granted. And here is why.

Attempting to use the mirror.

Straddling the air all too often.

Knowing lights can creep up on you at any given moment.

Running into a shower head that’s shorter than you.

Realizing bathtubs are not always in your favor.

Tired of people asking how tall you are.

Running into strong feet problems like this.

And this.

Dealing with the ceiling more than you ever wanted.

Realizing flight life isn’t always in your favor.

Knowing your date doesn’t know what your face looks like.

Floating on adult floatation devices that look like they’re for toddlers.

Knowing your friends look like your kids.

Encountering bathroom stalls that don’t do their job.

Trying on a romper that doesn’t look like a romper.

Doing the classic knee bend all too often.

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