Cuffing Season: The Timeline for Relationship Made During the Season of Commitment

Cuffing season is when men and woman feel the biological urge to find a forever-mate — someone they want to be “cuffed” to — when the weather turns cold. There’s evidence that says we’re meant to nest up when the leaves change. A relationship developed in the colder months will last forever (or until the weather changes and the other person makes you crazy). Here’s the timeline you can expect your “committed” relationship to go through!


david s pumpkins

Halloween marks the official start of cuffing season, when everyone is off to the races (and Halloween parties) to find a mate. Traditionally, the male begins the courtship ritual with something like “So what are you supposed to be?” The female will reply with, “Um, like, a sexy David S. Pumpkins” and the romance will begin.


500 days of summer autumn

As the weather cools, the relationship will heat up. The leaves turn, and with them, feelings of lust turn into feelings of love. The female will find she’s enjoying her companionship just as much as her Pumpkin Spice Lattes and will start to “fall” in love (get it? It’s autumn!) with her mate. This is when the cuffing begins to truly take hold.


love actually christmas

While uncuffed people traditionally feel lonely during the holidays, those in relationships will find themselves glad to have someone to kiss underneath the mistletoe. Cuffed couples will be each others’ Secret Santas. Cuffed couples will have someone to share a smooch with on New Year’s. And most importantly, cuffed couples have someone to introduce to their families in order to avoid awkward questions about why they’re still single. This is peak cuffing season bliss.


netflix and chill

The weather really puts the “chill” in Netflix and chill. Since it’s so cold, there’s literally nothing else to do in January besides stay inside with bae. It’s pretty much the modern day version of hibernation. This is typically the point in the seasonal relationship where one partner will take a break from Netflix and chilling just long enough to formally change their relationship status on Facebook.


valentines day urkel

February brings Valentine’s Day, and with it, the need to stay cuffed at least until February 15th. Because nobody wants to be single and walk through stores with pink and red candy displays all up in their faces. At this time, though, the relationship feels like the winter itself — it’s beginning to drag on, and yet, it relentlessly continues.


spring break

The snow starts to thaw and the uncuffing begins. What? It’s spring break!

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