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Cringe-Worthy Things People Did As Teenagers That Make Them Want To Punch Their Past Selves In The Face

Typically what you do in life as a teen will make you kind of hate yourself a bit later on in life. But these Reddit confessions that bring back terrible adolescent decisions take the cake.

1. Ladies-manfan slipped away to pee and it got weird.

Was at a birthday party and had to pee. Decided to step toward the edge of the woods and let it flow. Then heard a scream. Peed on my girlfriends best friend while she hid during a game of hide and seek. Interesting relationship after that.

2. BrickHizzy probably had a thing for Dracula.

Got really into vampires. To the point where i used to pretend i was one.

3. Coraizon missed the social cues.

I was at a sleepover from a girl I had a crush on when I was 14. After that sleepover she wanted to go shopping with some of her friends, that also stayed the night. I asked if I could accompany them. They were clearly trying to tell me they didn’t want me to accompany them, but I didn’t get the hints.

In the end, they ran away as fast as they could, pretending to run to get the bus. At first I tried to follow them, but then I finally understood and stopped midway, asking myself how stupid I could be.

4. StudebakerHotch was just trying to impress.

I had a big crush on a scene girl when I was a junior, so I bought bright white skinny jeans to try and impress her. She called me Mr. Clean.

5. Whereisnipsy took it a little overboard.

Ugh where to even start man.

I would take angsty, reaaaaally awful photos and post them online and call myself a photographer. It was my ~art~.

One photo I remember in particular was of an old candle I had found. I poured sparkly red nail polish on it that was supposed to be blood and stuck a bunch of razors in it. It was a reflection of my tortured 13 year old soul.

6. Pondglow wanted to live a hardcore life.

I [pierced] my belly button with a safety pin. Took me hours to push that bastard all the way through a little at a time; it was much harder than I thought. Of course it got horribly infected and I had to take it out and just shelled out the cash to get it done properly.

5. Amityville was a fan of Europeans.

I spoke with an American accent. I’m British.

8. K4R4N thought he was eye candy.

Take pictures of me working out with cheap ass shades on, and then send it to girls who asked for a pic on yahoo chat. I was scrawny af too. LoL cringe so hard thinking about those pictures.

9. Rareza thought his screen name was clever.

My “edgy” scene kid MySpace name was “cl¡t¡saurous WRECKZ!” I was 15 and had not yet gotten the message that absolutely nobody wanted their clit to be “wrecked.” Dear lord…

10. Whereisnipsy had a romantic connection.

Relative: “So, uh, where’d you two love birds meet?”

Me: “Online, after we realized that we BOTH used to cover candles in red nail polish to symbolize fake blood!”

11. Moots_point usually chose blue.

I can’t believe I’m posting this – but I used to buy those can’s of spray hair dye – specifically blue, gel my hair on the sides to form 2 horns and then apply the hair dye. I did this until about Junior year when the school administrator called my house, they were complaining about the smell of the dye and how I’d always run through the halls making a who0o0o0osh sound.

12. Brass_and_Frass received an interesting nickname.

I let a dude pee on my foot at a party because I thought it would make me look cool and aloof. I was just know as Pissy Foot Girl until I blessedly moved far…far away.

What do you think?


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