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Creepy Lawyer Asked Woman To Send Pictures As Part Of Job Application

Job interviews suck, particularly if you’re someone who’s not especially slick. It’s difficult to land an interview these days. You have to endure hours of tedious applications and prepare an immaculate résumé. Your suit needs to be pressed, your shirt crisp, your shoes polished, hair coiffed and handshake firm.

It seems like you need strong references, a college degree and three years’ experience just to get work experience at Taco Bell. Is it any wonder then that some of us are pushed to use dishonest means to land a job? We embellish the truth, grovel and make promises we can’t keep to get ourselves employed. But there are some lows to which one should never stoop.

No job, no matter how cushy or big the pay cheque, is worth handing your dignity over to an employer for. Yet there are some unscrupulous managers and sleazy bosses who might demand exactly that, as this next story unfortunately proves. If you find yourself being asked to do something you feel uncomfortable with, then take the example of 18-year-old Chelsea Dann, who stood up to a potential boss’ unscrupulous advances.

Chelsea was allegedly applying to work as a housecleaner for a lawyer based in the West Midlands, England. She was offered £15 ($18.58) an hour to clean the man’s house but was shocked when he asked for pictures of her along with her CV – stating that she wouldn’t get the job without them. When questioned about this suspicious clause, his reaction was pretty unforgivable.

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