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Conor McGregor Fans Are Freaking Out Over This ‘Worrying’ Detail In An Instagram Picture

It is fair to say that every move made by Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being put under a forensic level of scrutiny – at the present time more than ever – as speculation over a potential fight of the century continues to whip up a veritable maelstrom of intrigue and hype in the world of fighting and beyond.

The pair seem closer to agreeing terms on the potential bout than ever, after it was revealed recently that a venue and date have been set aside. This is in addition, of course, to UFC President Dana White’s assertion that the fight is highly likely to come to fruition, largely due to the dizzying amount of money that stands to be made in pay-per-view revenue.

Recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr. had come under fire from many after video footage of the undefeated boxer holding his pet tiger on a leash in a hotel lobby sparked criticism from animal rights groups and members of the public. Floyd has said that he is coming out of retirement with the sole intention of making the bout with McGregor a reality.

For his part, McGregor has created his own fair share of media discussion of late, having caused a rumpus at compatriot Michael Conlan’s first professional boxing match after which the UFC star launched an astonishing tirade at an ESPN reporter, stating that he has the skills to stop Floyd:

“I’m the boxing guy. Watch me take over boxing. 

“Trust me on that. No one in this boxing game knows what’s coming. Trust me on that. When I step in there, I’m going to shock the whole goddam world.”

A picture of Conor McGregor alongside his pregnant girlfriend Dee Devlin, though, has provoked some concern amongst his fans.

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