Cole Sprouse Hilariously Explains 'Why Hollywood Won't Cast the Sprouse Twins Anymore'

The Sprouse twins have once again demonstrated why they are the true kings of Twitter, this time by using the platform to make fun of an article written about them titled, “Why Hollywood Won’t Cast The Sprouse Twins Anymore”. Rather than be angered or upset by the article in question, Cole took it upon himself to give the real reason Hollywood doesn’t send any parts his or his brother Dylan’s way anymore…

Now THAT’S how you handle sh*tty articles written about you. Of course, his brother Dylan chimed in with a very valid point on why Cole shouldn’t have given the article the free publicity…

Of course, everybody knows that the moment that article has a double digit hit count, the Sprouse twins will be immediately dismissed from Hollywood forever. That’s just how showbiz works. Cole is so brave to take this risk just to make us laugh one last time…

In all seriousness, the reason Cole and Dylan can make fun of an article headline like this, whereas actors like Tobey Maguire and Taylor Lautner would probably be found ugly crying in their matcha tea, is because the Sprouse brothers are actually doing more than fine in the post-child-star phase of their careers. Cole is playing Jughead Jones in the Archie-based series Riverdale, while Dylan will star in the dark drama Dismissed, which will be, in his own words, “a departure from anything I’ve done.”

And as if Cole needed to prove he has a great sense of humor any more, he followed up by making fun of the old picture of himself used by the article.

Actually, given what we know about how most former child stars feel about their glory days, this might be less of a joke than we think…

Are you excited to see what the Sprouse twins do before Hollywood kicks them out for good? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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