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Chrissy Teigen Responds To All The Haters Who Think She’s Had Plastic Surgery

Chrissy Teigen is a celebrity. As such, she is often called upon to do things required of the rich and famous, such as writing a cookbook, designing a makeup line, or giving interviews to people who have almost zero understanding of nuance or subtlety when it comes to human language.

Recently, Teigen sat down for an interview with the editors at Byrdie. In the interview, Teigen made a joke about how her face was “fake” (in reference to the many people who assume that it is). It was a quick little quip, totally harmless, and something that was clearly said as an off-the-cuff riff. However, the beauty editors at Byrdie clearly could not take a joke, and pretty soon, rumors were flying that Chrissy Teigen had “extensive plastic surgery.”

It all started when Teigen tried to make a joke with the Byrdie editors when asked her about her appearance:

Teigen said that people always ask her if her cheeks are real or implants. They’re real, she promises, but the rest of her face is a different story. “Everything about me is fake except my cheeks,” she said with a laugh. Teigen pointed to her forehead, her nose, her lips: “Fake, fake, fake.”

If you’re familiar with Chrissy’s Twitter, or her personal brand in general, then you should probably be aware that she’s a pretty funny lady, and it apt to make some jokes. But nope! Byrdie editor Amanda Montell wrote the entire story under the assumption that Chrissy Teigen has had “extensive plastic surgery”:

At first, this came as a bit of a shock—not that a celebrity had so much work done, but that she’d be so honest about it. Most models do everything they can to keep their procedures secret. “I’m not shy talking about that sort of thing,” Teigen said with refreshing candor. “I have no regrets.”

Although Teigen did admit to having the fat from her armpits sucked out (???), nowhere in the interview did she actually confirm any sort of cosmetic procedure involving her face:

Intrigued to know more, another editor at the table asked Teigen to talk about the craziest beauty treatment she’s ever gotten, to which Teigen replied, “I had my armpit sucked out.” Teigen went on to explain that about nine years ago, she underwent liposuction to remove some extra fat from under her arms. “It added two inches of length to my arms,” she told us, adding that she by no means considered it a necessary procedure, but it did give her more confidence in sleeveless tops and dresses. “Now (the fat) is back though, so now I’ve gotta pay for it again,” she laughed.

Aside from the armpit procedure (which I still need to wrap my head around), there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Chrissy has had extensive cosmetic procedures — but the publication ran the story from the plastic surgery angle, anyway.

Naturally, the Byrdie interview soon trickled down to other humorless tabloids. Multiple publications reported that “everything” on Teigen’s face was face “except her cheeks.”

Chrissy was eventually forced to take to Twitter and correct this egregious error  — and remind everybody that, um, sarcasm exists.

She also added a quick little addendum:

(Sports Illustrated, apparently! But never mind.)

Thankfully, Teigen’s fans actually have a sense of humor.

Though it’s been a minute since Teigen corrected the misconceptions, the original Byrdie article, as of Sunday morning, still claims that Teigen’s “natural beauty” is “all a testament to her doctor.”

Come on, guys. Update your damn article.

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