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Chris Brown Tweeted A Message Of Support To Women Everywhere, And Twitter Was Absolutely Not Here For It

Chris Brown may be a reasonably talented vocalist, but his singing endeavors have long been overshadowed by the fact that Brown was arrested for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 (for which he faced felony charges), by another woman filing charges for third-degree assault against Brown in 2015, and by the fact that a woman claimed Brown pointed a gun to her head while at his home in Tarzana, California in 2016.

This list doesn’t even include the physical altercations that Brown has had with other men.

In short: Brown has had considerable career troubles because he is an irreversible dirtbag with anger and abuse issues.

Perhaps that is why Brown recently attempted to gloss over his numerous violent encounters with women and sent out a bizarre tweet as some sort of meager peace offering to the females of the world.

On Wednesday evening, Brown sent out a tweet which asserted that “Summer ’17 has to be about the WOMEN,” complete with three exclamation points, and a heart and kiss emoji.

Many Twitter users (who have not developed amnesia in the past nine years) could not handle the hypocrisy of Brown’s tweet.

This sort of weak social media pandering is somewhat akin to Donald Trump, notorious pussy-grabber, tweeting about the importance of allowing women to reach their “full potential” in society.

While I certainly appreciate the cosmic irony, it’s infuriating to have men forcibly reinvent themselves in the public eye and act as though they have no reason to apologize or atone, and offer zero signs of remorse. Not to mention the fact that it’s monumentally stupid from a PR perspective: nobody has forgotten Chris Brown’s violent transgressions against women, and an emoji-laden tweet isn’t going to change that.

Hopefully, Brown is correct when he says this summer is going to be about women. And hopefully, that does not include him in any way.

What do you think?


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