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Chinese artist Cao Hui creates awesomely surreal modular resin…

Chinese artist Cao Hui creates awesomely surreal modular resin sculptures that combine classical art and medical science. When fully assembled, they look like classical marble sculptures, but when taken apart, one linear slice or fractional piece at a time, the reveal an interior made to look like red flesh and internal organs beneath their stone skin. They’re like sculptural puzzles made of MRI scans.

‘We must not only see the surface, but also examine the inside,’ Hui describes in an artist statement, ‘and so the relationship between inner and outer crystallizes into a kind of perfect logic, explainable by our inherent ‘knowledge’. Thus we can begin to deceive others, using set after set of theoretical explanations. The result is laughter — in the end we’ve merely amused ourselves before god did.’

[via designboom]

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