Checkout These 'Shrek' Scenes Side-by-Side With the Classic Movie Scenes They Mocked [Video]

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One of the best things about Shrek and Shrek 2 was that both movies were packed with parodies of a dozens different classic movies. And if you haven’t seen the referenced movies and have no idea what we’re talking about, check out this cut of Shrek‘s movie references next to all the movie moments it made fun of…

SHREK MOVIE REFERENCES from Bora Barroso on Vimeo.

Thanks to a guy named Bora Barroso having some free time on his hands, we can look back and enjoy everything from the obvious Shrek references (like Snow White) to the subtle parodies, (like the live-action film Gladiator). Whether you were a fan of the Shrek movies or not, you’ve gotta give those writers and animators credit for throwing in enough Easter eggs and pop culture references to make the films just as entertaining for the adults as is was for the kids! And now that many of us who watched the movies as kids are now kinda-adults, it’ll be great to re-watch and see if there are any other subtleties we missed!

Which parody moment was one that you’d actually missed the first time watching the movies? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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