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Chechnya Opens Despicable Concentration Camp For Homosexuals

It’s long been suspected that life for homosexual people in the Russian Federation can be rather difficult. Same-sex sexual activity between privately consenting adults was decriminalised in the year 1993, but LGBT+ people in Russia still face institutional prejudice and persecution. For social justice advocates, many of the reports of the treatment of gay people in Russia have been particularly troubling in recent years, and hate crimes in the country appear to be on the rise.

Ever since President Vladimir Putin came to power, Russian society has come under international scrutiny for its negative treatment of LGBT citizens, and have been referred to as some of the worst human rights violations in the post-Soviet era. In 2013, a survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre concluded that 74 percent of Russians believed that homosexuality is unacceptable in mainstream society (up from 60 percent in 2002), compared with only 16 percent who supported same-sex relationships.

The situation is even more dire, however, in Chechnya. Chechnya is a Muslim-majority, semi-autonomous republic which lies within Russia’s borders, as well as a place where Sharia law is enforced. Here, the local culture encourages the abuse and vilification of those suspected of homosexuality.

It now appears, though that this latent homophobia has graduated into a full-on campaign of genocide against homosexual people, and now 100 gay men have been detained by Chechen police forces. Disturbing reports from the region have alleged that those found guilty of homosexuality are being interred in 21st century concentration camps where torture, starvation and death await the prisoners.

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