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Celebrities You Never Knew Were Teenage Parents…

Hollywood is no stranger to a scandal or two! The bigger the secret, the bigger the scandal. Finding out that one of your favorite celebs had a child at a young age can come as a great shock. We tend to see teen pregnancies as being a very normal “problem”, affecting ordinary people and not an issue that millionaires face. But of course falling pregnant as a teen can and does happen to those in the limelight. And as you’ll soon find, a lot of the celebs on this list, had their kids, as teens, before finding fame.

When a teen celeb becomes a parent having already been in the limelight for a while, it’s a much bigger deal. We watched this kid grow up – we feel that we know them. But these celebs shine a positive light on teen pregnancy, and prove that having a child at a young age certainly isn’t the end of the world…

Kids Having Kids

So have a look through this list and find out which of your favorite stars had their first child when they were, themselves, still children. Some of these stealthy stars are better at keeping secrets than you may have thought, so be prepared for some unexpected entries in this list of celebrities who became parents when they were teenagers…

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