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Caturday isn’t just for celebrating house cats. Wild cats…

Caturday isn’t just for celebrating house cats. Wild cats deserve our attention too! Today we’re being treated to the incredibly rare sight of not one, not two, but three gorgeous snow leopards cuddling and napping together:

This snuggly trio was caught on camera by a camera trap located near a monastery in Qinghai province, in central China. According to PhD student Liu Mingyu, who wrote about this on the Panthera website, the trap had been set up just a few days previously after a researcher encountered some howling dogs who had interrupted a snow leopard’s breakfast.

“It’s possible the three snow leopards here are siblings, or the one who is furthest from the camera may be the mother of the other two. We don’t know if any of these big cats is the one our dogs surprised a few weeks before, but it’s certainly possible.”

Visit Panthera to learn more about this marvelous discovery.

[via Atlas Obscura]

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