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Cats + Puns = Awesome!We’re celebrating a delightfully punny…

Cats + Puns = Awesome!

We’re celebrating a delightfully punny Caturday with the work of London-based illustrator Katie Ruby and her ongoing series The Punderful World of Cats. Ruby reimagines famous people and fictional characters as cats, incorporating feline puns into their names and sometimes quotes as well.


The Punderful World of Cats started as a form of “escapism” for Ruby after coming home from her day job at a greeting cards studio. “Initially I posted photographs of my doodles straight from my sketchbook onto Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,” she tells My Modern Met. “Now that I am a freelance Illustrator, I ensure that once a week (if possible) I take the time to work on a new pun, and fully render in color.”

Follow Katie Ruby on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with her latest illustrations, including plenty more punderful kitties.


[via My Modern Met]

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