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Cat-proofing the Christmas tree is one option. But here’s a…

Cat-proofing the Christmas tree is one option. But here’s a creative alternative courtesy of Jayne, certified cat lady, carpenter, and owner of the Like Kittysville Etsy shop. Jayne designed a six-foot-tall climbable Christmas tree for her cats and then she shared instructions for how to make one yourself.

“For years I’ve missed using my vintage aluminum Christmas tree, but don’t miss the kitty havoc that was decimating the tree and its vintage ornaments. I wanted a tree that’s not just cat-proof but cat-inviting. This tree has a Jetsons space-age look but is quite practical. It can be climbed but not knocked over. It can hold gifts, which saves floor space. The ornaments are cheap and easily replaced.”


[via Neatorama]

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