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Car Full of Cats Vehicle Windshield Sunshade

Car Full of Cats Auto Sunshade

Online novelty retailer Archie McPhee has released a Car Full of Cats Sunshade for the windshield of your vehicle that will let everyone know that you like a nice, cool car and enjoy the company of furry felines.

If you could have your deepest wish for a car accessory come true, wouldn’t it be that all your cats could come with you everywhere? This sunshade makes it look to outside observers that your wish has come true. It’s filled to cat-pacity! At 50” x 27-1/2” it’s big enough for most cars. Using “solid material producing shade” technology, it protects, cools and blocks out UV rays. Includes two suction cups for installation so simple, even a kitty could do it. Folds for easy storage.

Car Full of Cats Auto Sunshade

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