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Camera captures driver flipping his car after motorist overtakes using wrong lane


This is quite possibly the most polite car flip ever caught on camera. 

A driver in the Lancashire, United Kingdom, flipped his Toyota Yaris recently after an oncoming car attempting to overtake another vehicle forced the driver out of his lane. 

Christopher Telford, the driver of the Yaris, says that he was traveling approximately 55 mph when he rounded a hill to see a BMW overtaking a silver car. Telford veers to his left to avoid the oncoming car, but he hits a wall and his car flips over.

“Well, that was fucking scary,” Telford says calmly, his car now on its side.

The driver of the silver car quickly comes to check on Telford, who insists on keeping the interaction calm. And although the driver of the silver car was not at fault, he still proceeds to apologize for the incident.  Read more…

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