Call of Duty Is Officially Going Back to World War II

About a month ago, we started hearing rumblings that the Call of Duty franchise, which had been so keen to throw its soldiers into the far-future of war-jetpacks and space nukes, would be going back to its World War II roots. And today, Activision confirmed that the uber-franchise will do just that, as the next Call of Duty game will indeed be Call of Duty: WW II.

Get ready for some INTENSE World War II action that may or may not have happened to our real grandfathers!

According to the giant CoD reveal on IGN, the setting won’t be the only thing that makes this Call of Duty different. The main character of Call of Duty: WW II will be Ronald “Red” Daniels, a plucky 19-year-old farm boy from Texas. That means all the insane superheroics of past Call of Duty games will be downplayed in favor of more real-life agricultural heroics.

call of duty ww2 farm
There will be many missions where you and your platoon return home to till your fathers’ fields before the come up, goldurnit.

And while it will be impressive to see what Activision can do with the high powered consoles of today in a context we haven’t seen since the early days of the last console generation, won’t Call of Duty: WW II feel like a de-escalation? I mean, what WWII-era guns can replace laser blasters? I know they call those who fought in the Second World War the Greatest Generation, but their weapon designs were not as sick af as they could have been.

call of duty ww2 scopes
Those rifles did not even have dope-ass laser scopes, and that will always be these men’s burden to bear.


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call of duty ww2 farm
call of duty ww2 scopes

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