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Brie Larson Couldn’t Stop Fangirling When Nick From ‘The Bachelor’ Showed Up At Her House And We Can Relate

We’re often inclined to set celebrities on unrealistic pedestals as if they were some unattainable super-humans that we could never possibly equate to, but at the end of the day they’re just people like the rest of us.

This is probably why we take so much satisfaction in hearing that a celeb did something we can relate to as a normal human being. Oscar winning actress Brie Larson, for instance, recently had a major fan girl moment over this season’s Bachelor Nick Viall and it’s literally all of us.

Brie Larson had the most relatable meltdown when Bachelor star Nick Viall made a surprise visit at her watch party.

Not just a squealing high school girl freakout, mind you. She went into full on catatonic shock and resorted to creepily snapping pics of Viall from afar instead of actually speaking to him. Larson revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night that she was absolutely beside herself when the Bachelor star and his friend walked into her weekly viewing party.

“I was too shy. I got freaked out and starstuck,” Larson told Kimmel. “The day before, I was like hugging Meryl Streep and I was like, ‘This is fine,’ but then Nick showed up at my house.”

Meanwhile, we can’t fathom being within reaching distance of either of these icons.

Apparently, Nick was pretty “cool” about the whole thing and even gave away a few behind the scenes secrets.

Of course, he didn’t drop any spoilers though. *Cough* It’s Vanessa *Cough*

Like any freaked out fan girl, Larson was texting her bff Amy Schumer all of her “creepy” Nick pics.

“He had such a good sense of humor about the whole thing, and I was just so nervous, I don’t think I said anything to him the whole time,” she recalled. “Because I was just like hiding, taking photos and sending them to Amy Schumer being like, ‘Uh, why did this happen? I’m too scared, I’m too shy.’”

Check out the full hilarious segment here:

You’re my hero, Brie.

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