Brain.fm, A Computer-Generated Music Streaming Subscription Service That Helps to Increase Focus

Brain.fm is a subscription based service that combines studied concepts of auditory neuroscience with computer-generated music that plays in the background and helps calm and focus the brain on the task at hand such as those related to working, studying, relaxing and even sleeping. The Laughing Squid Store is currently offering three separate subscriptions (lifetime, 1-year and 3-year), each at a significant discount.

Distractions are everywhere, even in your ears when you’re trying to shut the world out with music. You just can’t always trust yourself or your favorite apps to deliver the most productive audio options, and that’s why Brain.fm was created. Brain.fm uses AI and a wealth of neurological research to stream the best background music for studying, sleeping, or relaxation. Give yourself a productivity boost and outmatch your to-do list with Brain.fm.




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