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Beyoncé Might Have Signaled The Gender Of Her Twins With Her Earrings

We found out earlier this year that Beyoncé is expecting twins (which, of course, caused Twitter to explode).

But the gender of Beyoncé’s babies is still unknown—or is it?

Some brilliant internet sleuths think they’ve figured out, thanks to the Queen herself.

On her website, Beyoncé shared pictures from her stepdad Richard Lawson’s birthday party.

The pictures, unsurprisingly, were almost instantly turned into memes. But the Bey Hive was looking more closely.

Beyoncé was looking fierce in a black velvet minidress and black boots. She had a black Gucci bag too. But the Twitter detectives focused on Bey’s earrings.

Her earrings, it appears, are the same ones from Bey’s 2008 “If I Were A Boy” music video.

Does that mean she’s having boys? Some people sure are convinced.

Others don’t take the coincidence so seriously.

Either way, we’re happy for any excuse to listen to “If I Were A Boy” on repeat.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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