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Beyoncé Gets Embarrassed By Her Mom’s Corny Instagram Jokes Just Like We All Do

Tina Lawson, aka Tina Knowles, isn’t famous for singing like her daughters, Beyoncé and Solange. But she might have a career in comedy.

On Instagram, Beyoncé’s mom tells corny jokes.

She enthusiastically opens each video by saying, “It’s corny joke day!”

When haters criticize her jokes, Tina reminds them that they’re supposed to be corny.

And they are definitely corny—with puns involving everything from lettuce to ketchup to cheetahs.

“What do you get when you mix a fish with an elephant?”

“Swimming trunks!”

Even Tina admits, “I’ll bet yall are saying, ‘See, that’s why I don’t want my mama on Instagram.’”

It’s like Tina is all of our moms. She recently explained that not everybody is a fan of her jokes—including her daughter, Beyoncé.

Tina starts her Instagram video by telling her fans, “You know, Beyoncé was telling me the other day that I shouldn’t do corny jokes all the time. But I told her, ‘When you get my age, you’ve got to find your light!’” Amen!

Fortunately, Tina didn’t let Beyoncé hold her back, and brought us more corny jokes.

And Twitter was glad Tina didn’t listen to Beyoncé.

Keep it corny, Tina!

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