Bermuda Triangle: Has the Mystery of All the Lost Ships and Planes Lost Been Solved?

I always want to believe in the paranormal, because it makes the things that seem impossible in our day-to-day lives suddenly possible. I mean, if there really is such thing as a Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and all-powerful lizard people, then why can’t I get that promotion I deserve, or go out with the cute girl who works in the gift shop by my doctor’s office?

bermuda triangle gift shop
Help me believe in infinity, Emily. Help. Me. Believe.

So do I want to believe there exists a mysterious devil’s triangle off the coasts of Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico where hell beasts rise from the sea to claim any roving ships or off-course airplane? You’re goddamn right I do. But yesterday, reports started rolling in suggesting that maybe scientists had found the reason so many ships and planes have been lost over that particular stretch of sea over the years. Sudden, sharp bursts of air could be rolling off of hexagon-shaped clouds over the Bermuda Triangle. With such a precipitous drop, those gusts could be strong enough to push a ship or plane right down to the depths of the ocean.

bermuda triangle ship
A horror explained by science is still a horror.

This theory comes from Randall Cerveny, who is in charge of the meteorology department at Arizona State University. The man’s studied clouds and science for his entire life, and he even dropped the hexagonal cloud theory on The Science Channel, which is pretty much built around science. So there you have it. Mystery solved. There’s nothing magic in the world and Emily’s never going to even know I’m alive. Great.

But wait, there’s hope yet for the paranormal! According to the Washington Post, Cerveny has since come out and says he doesn’t necessarily support the hexagonal cloud explanation, and that he was only offering it up to The Science Channel for a small segment, believing they’d present it to another scientist to refute! Apparently that’s a thing you do now on The Science Channel!

But who cares about The Science Channel’s lack of commitment to their name right now — there’s still hope for monsters and alternate universes and mystery in the world!

bermuda triangle solved
Help me believe in infinity, Krithbar, Ancient Terror of the Deep. Help. Me. Believe.


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