Being The Great Poop Artist That I Am, I Combined 2 Beloved Things: Poop And Zodiac Signs

One of the accomplishments of my creative career is being considered an expert in poop art but it’s time to reach new heights and this is the project I’ve been working on.

Horoscopoop is the combination of my 2 beloved things: poop and zodiac signs.

12 pants-pooping characters that will show us the way to an incredible life!

More info:

If the bathroom is practically your second home, Horoscopoop will enlighten your way and unclog your chakras!

What your Zodiac Sign says about the way you poop? It’s time to find out! Right now I’m working on designing a small book made of 12 cards with real – poop infused – horoscope predictions thanks to the talented writer Scott Emmons

H/T : Bored Panda

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