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Behold the noble and luxurious awesomeness that is Frederik the…

Behold the noble and luxurious awesomeness that is Frederik the Great, “the world’s most handsome horse.” Also known as the “Storybook Stallion”, “Real-life Black Beauty”, and the (our personal favorite) the “Fabio of Horses”, Frederik is a 16-year-old Friesian stallion who lives with his human Stacy Nazario at the Pinnacle Friesians horse farm in Siloam Springs, AR.

“…despite being compared to the equine version of a hot-blooded hunk, Frederik the Great is apparently a very gentle giant, with a mellow personality. “His temperament is sweet. I could put a baby right next to him and he would just be gentle with it. He’s a gentle giant,” Stacy Nazario said. “He’s that gentle and sweet of a horse, which is ingrained in his personality, that will not change.”


Head over to Oddity Central to learn more about Frederik and his glorious good looks.

Follow Frederik the Great on Facebook for lots of photos and videos of this hunka hunka handsome horse.

[via Oddity Central]

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