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Because sometimes what you need most, especially in the middle…

Because sometimes what you need most, especially in the middle of winter, is to see the body language and expressions on the faces of animals experiencing snow for the very first time. Sometimes they’re so excited and eager to play that they can hardly contain it. Sometimes they have no idea what’s suddenly going on and would like to speak to the person responsible. And sometimes it’s somewhere in-between.

Bored Panda assembled a collection of over 25 delightful examples of our furry friends encountering fluffy white snow. Click here to view the rest.


Photos by/via Soren Koch, photography, morgasmic, Slayer128, rcinferno, Elizabeth Bouras, Bored Panda, please_agree, Cactusy, Medicina, dax268, and savagepirate respectively.

[via Bored Panda]

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