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‘Beauty And The Beast’ Fans Are Pissed That ‘Beast’ Isn’t As Hot In Real Life

If you’re looking to make a Hollywood movie, there are few more lucrative opportunities than an adaptation. Turning a novel, comic book or cartoon into a feature film has its upsides; you’ve got a lot of source material and there’s plenty of scope for a sequel. But more importantly, you get guaranteed viewership.

Having an existing fanbase however, comes with its own set of perils. If your movie isn’t faithful to the original, hardcore fans will be sure to inform you. One of the biggest bugbears for fans ahead of film adaptations is casting. Often, the character in a fan’s head or on a comic book page doesn’t quite look like the actor playing them in the film.

This year, everyone’s pretty excited for the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. The 1991 animated film is still fresh in the minds of the older generations, while younger fans have Harry Potter’s Emma Watson to look forward to. Some fans however, aren’t happy with 2017’s version of the Beast. Apparently, he’s not nearly as handsome as he should be.

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