Beautiful Puma Rescued From a Russian Contact Zoo Lives a Happy Life as a Domestic House Cat

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A beautiful puma named Messi who was rescued from a Russian contact zoo lives the life of a spoiled domestic house cat with humans Sasha and Masha in Penza. Messi (named after football player Lionel Messi) is a very playful cat who enjoys chasing after toys both inside and outside, loves stretching out on comfy blankets, doesn’t mind taking a bath when necessary and loves his humans as much as they love him. When they adopted Messi from the zoo, he was quite ill and needed round the clock care. Per the couple’s friend Stassia, the zoo was a terrible place for Messi and he could not survive in the wild.

there’s no rescue facilities in Russia. …Messi used to be in a contact zoo – an awful type of zoo, where animals live in small rooms with no equipment for them and every visitor can come in and touch them.

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