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Be Careful What You Watch When The Broadcast Is Live

{“version”:”20150408″,”show_thumbnails”:true,”show_date”:false,”show_context”:false,”layout”:”grid”,”headline”:”Related”,”items”:[{“id”:72227,”url”:””,”url_meta”:{“origin”:137866,”position”:0},”title”:”Fools Are Tricked Into Thinking Cheap Watch Is Apple’s New iTime Smart Watch”,”date”:”July 24, 2014″,”format”:false,”excerpt”:”Sadly, it seems there are many fools among us. To demonstrate this yet again, Jimmy Kimmelu00a0sent his camera crew to the streets of Los Angeles to show passersby the new smart watch by Apple. Except Apple hasn’t introduced a smart watch yet. It’s just a cheap, everyday, $20u00a0watch from Casio.u2026″,”rel”:”nofollow”,”context”:”In “Video””,”img”:{“src”:”″,”width”:350,”height”:200},”classes”:[]},{“id”:60442,”url”:””,”url_meta”:{“origin”:137866,”position”:1},”title”:”Did You Ever Notice Watches Are Always Set To The Same Time In Watch Ads?”,”date”:”December 6, 2013″,”format”:false,”excerpt”:”Math and numbers obsessed Numberphileu00a0noticed an interesting trend in watch advertisements. The watches are almost always set to the same exact time. 10:10.u00a0 They made this montage of watch ads to prove it.u00a0 YouTuberu00a0Tom4816u00a0speculates that marketing firms have figured out that “the hands draw your eyes to the brand ofu2026″,”rel”:”nofollow”,”context”:”In “Video””,”img”:{“src”:”″,”width”:350,”height”:200},”classes”:[]},{“id”:81978,”url”:””,”url_meta”:{“origin”:137866,”position”:2},”title”:”Crushing A Gold Apple Watch With Super Magnets”,”date”:”June 14, 2015″,”format”:false,”excerpt”:”The Internet loves destroying brand new technology, especially when it’s expensive and difficult to buy. So the nerds atu00a0TechRaxu00a0decided to crush, not just an intro Apple Watch, but the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition that has a 14k gold body. Withu00a0two super magnets, the Apple Watch was crushed with over 650u2026″,”rel”:”nofollow”,”context”:”In “Video””,”img”:{“src”:”″,”width”:350,”height”:200},”classes”:[]}]}

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