Batman Called Upon by NY Police Department to Help With Crazy Clown Epidemic

We have a crazy clown problem — criminals dressed as clowns are terrorizing frightened civilians around their neighborhoods all across the country. Apparently this epidemic has spread to New York, and one police department has turned to the man best equipped to stop these horrifying nightmare clowns — the goddamn Batman.

You can tell the other police officers are just THRILLED that they didn’t get to be Batman this year.

Well isn’t that just precious?! It’s nice to see cops having a sense of humor over what is surely one of the WORST NIGHTS to be on the job. It’s a shame that it isn’t yet a requirement for each and every police force to have at least one Batman on staff. I, for one, would feel much safer if clowns were just straight up illegal. Who’s ready to sign THAT Change.org petition?!

Are you a fan of this police department’s decision to call upon Batman? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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