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Awkward Moment as Melania Trump Appears to Bat Away the President’s Hand

While a fair few presidents have experienced rocky marriages, all have made a concerted effort to put on a good face for the cameras. Even Hilary and Bill Clinton demonstrated genuine moments of affection for the camera through the whole Monica Lewinsky drama. However, Trump and Melania are setting a different tone.

Time and again the pair have not really bothered making a show of a happy and healthy marriage. Incidents in which Melania has seemingly rebuffed advances have garnered considerable media attention from the outset of his presidency.

From the first day (Inauguration Day in fact) it was all made fairly clear that something wasn’t quite right about the Trumps. In fact, it began the very moment Trump stepped out of the black SUV that had carried him to the White House, where Barack and Michelle Obama waited for them. As the door opened Donald dashed from the car and marched up the stairs. Left behind to make her way unaccompanied was Melania. She made for a melancholy sight: fragile-looking and quietly sad in her powder blue suit, clutching a tiffany box as she made her away alone up the steps.

The contrast was stark. Trump and Melania. Barack and Michelle. Granted the Obama’s marriage – a veritable love-fest – is a tough act to follow. However, Obama, Bush and Clinton all demonstrated warm relationships on Trump’s day. Each couple walking together, sharing smiles and affectionate exchanges, while Trump and Melania couldn’t have put on a colder show. This snapshot was to set the scene for the odd moments to follow.

During a blessing, Donald turned to Melania. She beamed at him, but as soon as his back was turned her face falls sharply into a frown. Then at the Inauguration Ball, during the “first dance”, Melania is seen holding herself stiffly and pulling away from Donald’s face.

Trump has now been president for four months. But Melania still hasn’t moved into the White House and instead lives 200 miles away in New York City while their son Baron finishes the school year. However, when the pair are together they continue to prefer to sleep in separate beds.

It is certainly not the “normal” behaviour of a happily married couple, and today a further incident occurred that has left the internet once again questioning the authenticity of their bond…

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