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Art + Technology = Unseen Art, an awesome project working to…

Art + Technology = Unseen Art, an awesome project working to make works of visual art accessible to people with visual impairment. This sculptural likeness of the Mona Lisa is a 3D-printed creation made by Helsinki-based designer Marc Dillion.

“There are many people in the world who have heard of classical artworks their whole lives but are unable to see them,” says Dillon.

Unseen Art utilizes 3D imaging and sand-based 3D printing to create high-quality scale models of paintings that can be touched, enabling the blind to experience works of art they’ve heard about but never been able to personally perceive.

Dillon recently launched an Unseen Art crowdfunding campaign to create an online repository of 3D data so that anyone with a 3D printer can create models of paintings in their homes for free and to be displayed alongside the actual paintings in museums.

“It would be a revolution to get blind people going to art galleries, people hate them because there is nothing there to touch!”

In this video a woman named Rikka uses an Unseen Art model to experience the Mona Lisa for the very first time:

Visit the Unseen Art website and IndieGoGo campaign page to learn more about this awesome project.

[via Design You Trust and Colossal]

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