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‘Art of the Deal’ Co-Author Says Trump Will Resign as President and Then Declare Victory

“Impeachment” is a term that has thrust itself into public consciousness during President Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, not least because of the troubling allegations of his campaign and team’s links to Russian officials – a notion that is gathering credence due to the FBI’s ongoing investigation.

Having completed a shock victory in last year’s Presidential election, Donald Trump and his team launched into a number of hardline policies, which left those who had hoped that some of his more conservative campaign trail promises would amount to nothing more than bluster dismayed.

The campaign trail became akin to a battle ground, with the Trump team casting many Barack Obama’s key policies as abject failures, and leading a veritable war chant of “lock her up” against his rival for Presidency, senator Hilary Clinton. Throughout his campaign, Trump referred with great pride to The Art of the Deal, a book that he co-authored, as evidence of his ability to get things done.

While the relative success of his tenure in the White House, in terms of the promises he made on the campaign trail, can be debated (quite apart from the claims of impropriety that have plagued his Presidency), it will surely come as a blow to Donald Trump that the very individual with whom he co-authored this most revered of manuscripts has predicted that he will resign his position before all is said and done.

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