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Ariana Grande to Be Given Honorary Citizenship of Manchester

On May 22, a vicious attack was carried out at Greater Manchester’s Manchester Arena.

Following an Ariana Grande concert widely attended by children and young people, a homemade bomb was detonated, killing 22 people and injuring many more.

Though the attack was certainly a devastating one, heartening stories of Manchester residents offering food and shelter to those who had been in attendance were widespread, as taxi drivers worked without pay to ensure that those who had been left stranded as a result of the blast were transported safely home.

Ariana Grande tweeted that she was “broken” by the news of the explosion and the damage it had caused and her tour was temporarily postponed.

As Manchester cemented itself as the city many already knew it to be, a community built on values of solidarity, respect and support, plans to organise a benefit concert in aid of those who had been affected by the explosion were put forth by Grande herself.

Indeed, Ariana Grande’s efforts in the wake of the atrocity have been hugely praiseworthy, as she returned to Manchester to visit some of those who had been injured at her concert, speak to the families of the 22 victims of the attack and help to organise the One Love Manchester concert, which is thought to have raised millions.

It would seem that the city of Manchester is keen to officially recognise Grande’s efforts in the wake of tragedy.

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