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Hold onto your hats and start practicing your best and loudest squees, because the Department of Impossible Cuteness has a real doozy for us today. Whether or not you actively like, fear, or are completely indifferent about spiders, these macro photos reveal that spooders have extra-adorable feets. In fact they don’t just have feet, they have furry paws!

“In more scientific terms, a spider’s “paw” is called a tarsus, and it’s only one of eight parts that make up a rather complicated leg. Just like cats or dogs, spiders also have claws attached to the paws, but in their case, legs also work as ears and nose picking up subtle changes in the air to hear and recognize smells.”

Head over to Bored Panda for many more close-up photos of completely kawaii arachnid tootsies.


Photos by/via Nicky Bay, Michael Pankratz, ta_shepard, LandedInMyEye, DVL-91, Bored Panda, and melvyn.yeo respectively.

[via Bored Panda]

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