archiemcphee: From the Department of Awesome Once-In-A-Lifetime…


From the Department of Awesome Once-In-A-Lifetime Photo Ops come these incredible shots of a mighty Golden Eagle wielding a knife. Yep, that’s pretty freaking awesome.

Dutch photographer Han Bouwmeester was using the knife to slice off chunks of meat to attract birds of prey in Västerbotten, Sweden. After he accidentally dropped the utensil in the snow an eagle swooped down and grabbed it. 

“Once it flew away in the sight of my camera I saw something red in his claws and made some shots of it. On the display from my camera I saw immediately that it was the knife we used to cut the meat. We surely left it in the snow.

At such a moment we were firstly enraged with ourselves because this was a fault.  But he soon dropped the knife after realising it was useless for him. I was happy with the absolutely cracking and unique picture. The eagle is holding it exactly as we should do with it. What a crazy once in a lifetime moment this was.“


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