archiemcphee: Brace yourselves, Japan has redoubled its already…


Brace yourselves, Japan has redoubled its already considerably efforts to bring the world to its knees with their kawaii creations. When Japanese twitter user Kawanabesatou isn’t off at work overseeing grave sites, he’s at home taking photos of his hamster friends in impressively detailed miniature dioramas he creates.

You’d think hamsters were already plenty busy, what will all the food hoarding, chewing, running and sleeping they do on a daily basis. But these adorable rodents are exceptional. They work as bartenders, waiters, cooks and sushi chefs, serving up cocktails, noodles, enticing trays of sushi and glasses of sake and wine. But that’s not all. They also sell tombstones and make sure to leave time for relaxing at home with some ramen and a good magazine. They’re hamsters of hard work and leisure, so awesome.

If you want to test your capacity for impossible cuteness, head over to Kawanabesatou’s twitter feed for plenty more hamster photos.

[via Kotaku]

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