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archiemcphee: All owls are awesome, but this particular owl is…


All owls are awesome, but this particular owl is named Yoda, works in a library, and even has his very own library card. Super awesome! Yoda is a 7-year-old Eurasian/European Eagle Owl who is brought to the library at the University of Bath in South West England twice a week where he drives off seagulls attempting to nest on the building. Nesting seagulls can become territorial and aggressive, so having an owl swoop in from time to time is an environmentally friendly deterrent to their efforts.

Yoda is so good at his job that the library management team decided to issue a library card in recognition of his valuable service to the university. The card is valid until 2020 and features a photo of Yoda along with the title, “Prof Yoda The Owl.” We hops that Yoda is now using his spiffy new library card on his days off to catch up on his reading.

[via Neatorama and The Guardian]

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