Apparently The Queen Has A Top Secret Facebook Account

While I’m not privy to insider knowledge of the inner workings of the monarchy in England, I can only assume that they have a pretty great time when they aren’t attending their millionth public event of the day, opening a new sea-front hotel or turning on the lights at a Christmas event. Personally, I’m not sure my short attention span would stand me in very good stead for any of those pursuits, but I’m equally confident that I would enjoy the other aspects of being a royal.

I’d like being ultra-rich (literally as rich as the Queen), living in that fabulous palace with prime Central London location (as the real estate agent would describe it) and generally swanning around (sorry) the country as if I owned the place – because, in a manner of speaking, I would basically own the place.

Sure, it must be a bit of a pain to have the eyes of the world constantly boring into the back of your head, or else feverishly clutching your hand in adulation and over-excitement, but the benefits surely outweigh the drawbacks, especially since it has been reported that the Queen manages to enjoy quite the hi-tech lifestyle in her own super secure way.

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