Anonymous Have Released A Harrowing Statement Addressing World War Three

Is it just me waking up with a creeping sense of anxiety these days? Most days when I wake and glance at the news, I’m convinced that I’ll have to prepare for an imminent of post-apocalyptic hell on earth. Perhaps this has something to do with the known existential disasters that could, at any moment, spell the end of our beloved civilisation.

Indeed, it was only yesterday that news emerged of a new documentary, authored by the legendary theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, in which Hawking suggested that it would be highly advisable for us all to pack up our bags and leave planet Earth within the next 100 years.

Professor Hawking referred to a list of potentially devastating risks facing humanity; including a long overdue asteroid strike, climate change, epidemics and overpopulation to support his assertion that it might well be time for us to consider life in outer space.

As if we weren’t already anxious enough over the prospect of a world-altering event – personally I jump about 10 feet into the air every time I hear a car backfire – Anonymous, the organised hacking group, have issued their own stark warning over the very real possibility of World War III becoming a regrettable reality.

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