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Angela Merkel Leads the Way for Gay Marriage to Be Legalised in Germany

Our society has made commendable strides toward the securing of true equality for those in the LGBT community.

In fact, the landscape of our modern culture is all but unrecognisable from the less tolerant reality that many grew up in mere decades ago. Countries – and their governments – have become increasingly progressive in their attitudes towards homosexuality, less encumbered by arcane values that hold no value, and have no place, in today’s society.

With that being said, there is clearly some way to go on our inexorable march. While attitudes have rightly shifted, institutional change has been a slower process; it was a mere three years ago that gay marriage became legal in England and Wales, while many other countries are still yet to follow suit and update an archaic law that no longer reflects our culture – if indeed it ever did.

Germany has been one such country; as the Telegraph reports, Angela Merkel has historically opposed to gay marriage, citing “concerns for children”, though appears to have made something of an about turn in recent days.

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